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Probes, Tips & Holders
Complete Probe

Probes with armored cabling and temperature stabilization ensure an accurate free-length reading. Probe tips protect your probe and gather more precise measurements with tips that match your spring diameter. The probe holder… holds the probe.

  • Extremely accurate length measurement
  • English and metric versions
  • Highly customizable and adjustable holders
  • Retractable probe holder for large springs
Probe Tip Selection
Spring Coil Diameter Regular Tip Size Extended Tip Size
0.125" (3.1 mm) and smaller Use probe without tip 1/8" (3 mm)
0.125" (3.1 mm) – 0.250" (6.3 mm) 1/4" (6 mm) 1/4" (6 mm)
0.250" (6.3 mm) – 0.375" (10.5 mm) 5/8" (16 mm) 3/8" (10 mm)
0.375" (10.5 mm) – 0.625" (16.8 mm) 5/8" (16 mm) 5/8" (16 mm)
0.625" (16.8 mm) – 1" (25.4 mm) 1" (25 mm) 1" (25 mm)
1" (25.4 mm) – 1.5" (38.1 mm) 1.5" (38 mm) None
1.5" (38.1 mm) – 2" (50.8 mm) 2" (51 mm) None
Ordering Information
Image Part Number Description Price
The PX595G heated probe features temperature stabilized electronics for drift-free measurement when used with a Tiger, Panther, Lynx or modified 300-9EX gage. LION probes are the industry's only armored-cable probes; especially important on the spring manufacturer's shop floor.

The probe can be used on any model Lion gage, but older models will not take advantage of the probe's temperature stabilization.
PX595G Probe 025-0000-0658-02 PX595G Heated Probe (English) Quote
025-0000-0658-03 PX595G Heated Probe (Metric) Quote
100-0000-0009-00 Rebuild your old probe Quote
Extended Probe Tips
These tips match the sensing surface size to the spring diameter. They also prevent potential damage to the probe itself from cutoff springs. Kits include one screw-on base and one of each size screw-in tip. Tips include a low-profile locking nut to prevent loosening from vibration.
Extended Probe Tips 018-0000-2535-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1/8 X 1", Threaded (3 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2531-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1/4 X 1", Threaded (6 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2532-00 Extended Probe Tip - 3/8 X 1", Threaded (9 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2533-00 Extended Probe Tip - 5/8 X 1", Threaded (16 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2534-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1 X 1", Threaded (25 x 25 mm) Quote
025-0000-0654-00 Extended Probe Tip - Base Assembly, Threaded Quote
025-0000-0655-00 Extended Probe Tip - Kit (1 Base & 5 Tips) Quote
025-0000-0631-00 Probe Tip Assembly, 1/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-01 Probe Tip Assembly, 1/4" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-02 Probe Tip Assembly, 3/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-03 Probe Tip Assembly, 5/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-04 Probe Tip Assembly, 1" diameter Quote
025-0000-0655-01 Extended Probe Tip - Kit (5 single piece assemblies) Quote
Guarded Probe Tips
These tips provide the greatest accuracy, reduced interference from tooling, and allow for tip sizes of over one inch.
Guarded Probe Tips 025-0000-0597-03 Guarded Probe Tip - 5/8" Dia. (16 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-00 Guarded Probe Tip - 1.0" Dia. (25 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-01 Guarded Probe Tip - 1.5" Dia. (38 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-02 Guarded Probe Tip - 2.0" Dia. (52 mm) Quote
Probe Holders
PB309 Probe Holder 025-0000-0640-00 PB309B - Fixed Probe Holder
This probe holder mounts to the coiler face to position the probe for measurement. The single locking handle makes position adjustment easy.
Swing-Away Probe Holder 025-0000-0679-00 Manual Swing-Away Probe Holder
A productivity improvement over the PB309. Only do setup once; no more needless setups after minor tooling adjustments! Retract to allow unrestricted access to the forming tooling, and when finished, the Swing-Away Probe Holder can quickly and precisely be returned to the measure position.

The Swing-Away Probe Holder uses the same bolt pattern as the PB309 Probe Holder, making for easy upgrading.
RP2 Retractible Probe Holder 025-0000-0573-00 RP2 - Retractable Probe Holder
This probe holder retracts the probe during cutoff of large springs. The system is completely powered and triggered by the gage. The air powered actuator is a sleek, concentric cylinder design for reliable high-speed operation up to two strokes per second.

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