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Panther Gage
Important Notice

The Panther is nearing end-of-life status due to part unavailability. For an equivalent Tiger replacement, consider the Tiger Gage equipped with the Super Tiger software package.

Panther Gage

The Panther gage is the most popular spring free-length gage ever made. Display production information and statistics as well as SPC data and charts on-screen, without the need to print. When printing is required, it works with any standard parallel port printer.

Probe setup is simple and precise. The Panther also features UltraCal probe calibration, allowing your setup to be extremely accurate on even the smallest springs.

  • Intuitive interface for easy setup and use
  • Powerful, smart scrag reduction intelligence
  • Strip chart for easy performance monitoring
  • Temperature stability holds length over time
  • SPC information available on screen or printed
  • Unsurpassed reliability reduces down time
  • Test programs eliminate unnecessary returns
  • Automatic shutdown on two different events: Consecutive Bad / No Cutoff
  • Units have options of Spanish, Italian, German and French for display text
General Specifications
Resolution 0.0001" (0.01 mm)
Operating Speed Up to 70,000 springs / hour
Input Power 120 / 240, 50/60 Hz, 2A max
Sort / Adjust Output Voltages 120 VAC (100 W), 24 VAC (48 W), 24 VDC (24 W)
Height 6.5" (165 mm)
Width 10.6" (269 mm)
Depth 9.2" (234 mm)
Weight 11 lb (5 kg)
The Panther features a highly intuitive interface with the following features… Strip chart display for easy performance monitoring: Five shutdown modes to stop coiling automatically:
  • Lot Size
  • Consecutive Bad
  • Excess Adjust
  • No Cutoff
  • Running CPK
On-screen SPC displays: Built-in diagnostic programs:

Panther software version level is displayed on the Maintenance Menu screen Click for Image Preview. Software upgrades are free. Software revision upgrades are free. Contact us if your Panther needs an upgrade.

Panther Software Revisions | Larson Systems Inc.
Software Revisions
Version Description
2.0.2 Repaired short reading when spring was touching probe.
2.0.3 Repaired transmit of data through DUMP command.
Repaired computer no start problem by reducing bus drive at recommendation of manufacturer.
Added total histogram display and printout.
Added collection type (good or all) to serial options.
3.0 Fixed @ symbol erasure in adjust type display.
Increased measurement speed.
Fixed a problem where uninitialized units would hang if display of histogram was requested when no real data was present (first time only).
Added languages.
Added screen saver.
Changed Smart control algorithm and added response speed.
Improved printer interface speed.
Added company name option.
Changed shutdown to allow gaging after shutdown has occurred.
Fixed bad spring count not working when adjustment type "none" was selected.
Added checksum on Main Menu button down power up.
Added gage disable when ONE and MAIN are pressed.
Added Excessive Adjust shutdown or warn.
Smart control has separate amount value, from other adjustment types.
Added X's to probe setup display to discourage high sensitivity setups.
Organized shutdown screen to make much easier to read.
Added MMA.
3.0.1 Fixed shutdown sorter release problem.
Added print option to data transfer.
Tweaked Smart control.
Fixed data transmit error.
Language corrections.
3.1.1 Language corrections.
Fixed freeze up when printing total histogram.
Improved Smart control.
Changed text entry to single line caps only.
User entered control limits must now meet safe math criteria (no divide by zero, etc.).
Made new strip control display with data.
3.1.2 Added inch / mm selection.
Made sorter reset every 5 mS to clear any inadvertent sorts.
3.2.0 Fixed control value appearing in strip with specs.
Added histogram to strip chart display options.
Repaired "9" select function on text entry screen.
Made AutoXbar print out in pages.
Fixed Panther-Net message response.
Fixed shutdown spelling error.
Fixed excess adjust, no control after shutdown, error.
Recalculate histogram x values when first spring is made.
3.2.0a Fixed no control amount change in other adjustment modes if each point is selected in strip chart.
Removed control amount from strip display when none is selected.
3.2.0b Fixed no number after comma in French and German.
3.2.1 Added Italian language.
Fixed decimal instead of comma in German, French on strip each mode.
Increased allowable gain in probe test.
Enter tolerance screen use to say "enter nominal length".
3.3.2 Fixed drift test elapsed time being reset by screen saver.
Replaced smart control with average control.
Added AUTO to response time options.
Changed numeric entry method to point and increment / decrement.
Moved MMA setting to Maintenance screen.
3.3.3 Removed commas from non-English languages.
Stopped occasional big motor turn on first spring.
Added "@@@" to serial input routine to do a read cycle and transmit resulting control value in one step.
3.3.3a Fixed French / MM erasure of last digit in tolerance in Main run screen.
3.3.4 Added delay to No Cutoff shutdown.
Fixed Panther-Net receipt of new numerical values bug.
Fixed shutdown / screen saver conflict, causing possible hang.
Added Panther-Net support for adjust settings and sort settings.
Fixed German erasure of consecutive bad shutdown last digit.
3.3.5 Fixed Panther-Net message function to continue SPC collection. (Message function is not supported in Panther-Net 2.0).
Removed response time from MCS report for Average control type.
Fixed Probe Test, which always reported the Panther electronics as bad.
Changed strip chart view order.
3.3.6 Stopped adjust amount from going over 99 in strip chart screen.
Improved adjust time calculation.
Allowed probe setup with small changes on displayed meter.
Disallowed probe setups at the outside edge of display meter.
3.3.7 Made Y2K compliant. Previous versions would print 1900 on reports until the date was reset to 2000.
3.3.8 Minor Spanish translation fix.
4.0 Improved adjustment performance.
New strip display shows last length and good / bad counts.
Set sort time in 0.05 second steps.
Maximum sort time is 9.95 seconds.
2-way sort options (sort good or sort bad).
5-way sort has adjustable trip points.
Spring lengths up to 99 inches.
Display CPKs greater than 9.999.
Trigger secondary operations.
Display length in absolute (1.287) or relative (-0.012) values.
4.1.1 Added UltraCal precision probe setup for small springs.
4.1.2 Fixed Panther-Net remote shutdown bug.
Improved Panther-Net communication.
Added Panther-Net functions for Panther-Net version 3.0.
Improved Good Count interface to Bin Sorter.
4.1.3 Blue button reset now sets more variables to default values.
4.1.4 Improved 5-way sorting at high production speeds; inner and outer chute flappers operate independently.
Ordering Information
Part Number Description Price
025-0000-0642-00 Panther Gage - 120 VAC In / 120 VAC (100W) Out Quote
025-0000-0642-01 Panther Gage - 240 VAC In / 24 VAC (48W) Out Quote
025-0000-0642-02 Panther Gage - 240 VAC In / 24 VDC (24W) Out Quote
Probes - Click here for more info
025-0000-0658-02 PX595G Heated Probe (English) Quote
025-0000-0658-03 PX595G Heated Probe (Metric) Quote
Probe Tips - Click here for more info
018-0000-2535-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1/8 X 1", Threaded (3 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2531-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1/4 X 1", Threaded (6 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2532-00 Extended Probe Tip - 3/8 X 1", Threaded (9 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2533-00 Extended Probe Tip - 5/8 X 1", Threaded (16 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2534-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1 X 1", Threaded (25 x 25 mm) Quote
025-0000-0654-00 Extended Probe Tip - Base Assembly, Threaded Quote
025-0000-0655-00 Extended Probe Tip - Kit (1 Base & 5 Tips) Quote
025-0000-0631-00 Probe Tip Assembly, 1/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-01 Probe Tip Assembly, 1/4" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-02 Probe Tip Assembly, 3/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-03 Probe Tip Assembly, 5/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-04 Probe Tip Assembly, 1" diameter Quote
025-0000-0655-01 Extended Probe Tip - Kit (5 single piece assemblies) Quote
Guarded Probe Tips - Click here for more info
025-0000-0597-03 Guarded Probe Tip - 5/8" Dia. (16 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-00 Guarded Probe Tip - 1.0" Dia. (25 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-01 Guarded Probe Tip - 1.5" Dia. (38 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-02 Guarded Probe Tip - 2.0" Dia. (52 mm) Quote
Probe Holders - Click here for more info
025-0000-0640-00 PB309B - Fixed Probe Holder Quote
025-0000-0679-00 Manual Swing-Away Probe Holder Quote
025-0000-0573-00 RP2 - Retractable Probe Holder Quote
ASR1 Sorting Devices - Click here for more info
025-0000-0600-00 ASR1 - Two-Way Air Jet, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0600-02 ASR1 - Two-Way Air Jet, 24 VAC (48W) Quote
025-0000-0600-01 ASR1 - Two-Way Air Jet, 24 VDC (24W) Quote
MC34 Sorting Devices - Click here for more info
025-0000-0566-00 MC34-2 - Two-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0566-02 MC34-2 - Two-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 24 VAC (48W) Quote
025-0000-0566-01 MC34-2 - Two-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 24 VDC (24W) Quote
MC46 Sorting Devices - Click here for more info
025-0000-0538-00 MC46-3 - Three-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0538-02 MC46-3 - Three-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 24 VAC (48W) Quote
025-0000-0538-01 MC46-3 - Three-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 24 VDC (24W) Quote
025-0000-0537-00 MC46-5 - Five-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0537-02 MC46-5 - Five-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 24 VAC (48W) Quote
025-0000-0537-01 MC46-5 - Five-Way Pneumatic Sorter, 24 VDC (24W) Quote
SC48 Sorting Devices - Click here for more info
025-0000-0576-00 SC48-3 - Three-Way Electric Sorter with Stand, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0582-00 SC48-3AP - Three-Way Pneumatic Sorter with Stand, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0582-02 SC48-3AP - Three-Way Pneumatic Sorter with Stand, 24 VAC (48W) Quote
025-0000-0582-01 SC48-3AP - Three-Way Pneumatic Sorter with Stand, 24 VDC (24W) Quote
025-0000-0578-00 SC48-5 - Five-Way Electric Sorter with Stand, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0580-00 SC48-5AP - Five-Way Pneumatic Sorter with Stand, 120 VAC (100W) Quote
025-0000-0580-02 SC48-5AP - Five-Way Pneumatic Sorter with Stand, 24 VAC (48W) Quote
025-0000-0580-01 SC48-5AP - Five-Way Pneumatic Sorter with Stand, 24 VDC (24W) Quote
Read Switches - Click here for more info
025-0000-0648-00 RS2E Read Switch Quote
025-0000-0648-01 Magnetless Read Switch Quote
Shutdown Control - Click here for more info
025-1000-0426-00 Shutdown Cable Quote
025-0000-0652-00 Shutdown Bypass Connector Quote
Pitch Adjust Motors - Click here for more info
025-0000-0589-00 AC336 Motor - For use on coilers with up to 1/2" pitch rods Quote
025-0000-0596-00 AC337 Heavy Duty Motor - For use on coilers with up to 3/4" pitch rods Quote
Miscellaneous Items
025-1000-0425-00 Cable Assembly: 2 Pin Bendix 8' Quote
025-1000-0424-00 Cable Assembly: Sorting Chute, 3 Pin Quote
025-1000-0461-00 Cable Assembly: Controller Motor, 3 Pin 2-Con Quote
025-1000-0452-00 Cable Assembly: 5 Way Sorter, 6 Pin Bendix 7' with Ground Quote

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