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Capacitance Free Length Gage
Capacitance Free Length Gage

The Capacitance Free Length Driver is a self contained system for driving the non-contact probe. The driver electronics produce an output voltage, which is proportional to the length of the spring at the probe. Longer springs (closer to the probe) produce more positive output voltages.

The output voltage offset must be adjusted to near zero for a nominal length spring. Probe Zero adjustments can be made by a Digital to Analog Converter output voltage from the users data acquisition system or by a ten-turn potentiometer that can be purchased with the system.

The probe driver is mounted with two screws (M3-0.5). Do not loosen or remove the probe connector nut. See Figure 3 for panel cutout specifications. The maximum depth of the threaded mounting holes is 9.5mm (3/8 inch).

  • Modular system design
  • Seamlessly integrate spring gauging into your coiler controls
  • Flexible configuration
  • Designed for coiler manufacturers
  • Probe with non–contact sensor and integral micrometer
  • VDC length feedback signal to your CNC control
Ordering Information
Part Number Description Price
050-0000-0128-00 Capacitance Free Length Gage (PC interface not included) Quote
PC Interface
014-3000-0007-00 PC Analog Interface Card, PCI Bus Quote
025-0000-0571-00 Capacitance Free Length Gage - Sample Code Quote
025-1000-0479-00 Capacitance Free Length Driver Quote
025-1000-0429-00 Computer Cable Assembly Quote
025-1000-0430-00 Zero POT Cable Assembly Quote
Probes - Click here for more info
025-0000-0658-02 PX595G Heated Probe (English) Quote
025-0000-0658-03 PX595G Heated Probe (Metric) Quote
Probe Tips - Click here for more info
018-0000-2535-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1/8 X 1", Threaded (3 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2531-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1/4 X 1", Threaded (6 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2532-00 Extended Probe Tip - 3/8 X 1", Threaded (9 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2533-00 Extended Probe Tip - 5/8 X 1", Threaded (16 x 25 mm) Quote
018-0000-2534-00 Extended Probe Tip - 1 X 1", Threaded (25 x 25 mm) Quote
025-0000-0654-00 Extended Probe Tip - Base Assembly, Threaded Quote
025-0000-0655-00 Extended Probe Tip - Kit (1 Base & 5 Tips) Quote
025-0000-0631-00 Probe Tip Assembly, 1/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-01 Probe Tip Assembly, 1/4" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-02 Probe Tip Assembly, 3/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-03 Probe Tip Assembly, 5/8" diameter Quote
025-0000-0631-04 Probe Tip Assembly, 1" diameter Quote
025-0000-0655-01 Extended Probe Tip - Kit (5 single piece assemblies) Quote
Guarded Probe Tips - Click here for more info
025-0000-0597-03 Guarded Probe Tip - 5/8" Dia. (16 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-00 Guarded Probe Tip - 1.0" Dia. (25 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-01 Guarded Probe Tip - 1.5" Dia. (38 mm) Quote
025-0000-0597-02 Guarded Probe Tip - 2.0" Dia. (52 mm) Quote
Probe Holders - Click here for more info
025-0000-0640-00 PB309B - Fixed Probe Holder Quote
025-0000-0679-00 Manual Swing-Away Probe Holder Quote
025-0000-0573-00 RP2 - Retractable Probe Holder Quote

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