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CST - Coil Spring Tester
Coil Spring Tester
Length Deflection Compensation Banner

Larson System's Testers Come With Length Deflection Compensation Standard!

Our testers have built in length deflection compensation. Our pre-programmed calculations will measure the load cell compression and correct the length. We do the measuring and the math for you, creating greater accuracy in testing results.

The Coil Spring Tester is a low cost alternative for high capacity springs. Test up to 1,500 lbs and get good force / length results from this sturdy two-post frame. The CST uses LCD readouts for easy viewing of highly accurate length and force measurements. The length measurement units can be selected to read in inches or millimeters while force measurement is selectable to read in pounds, kilograms, or Newtons. The CST measures flexible items in compression only. Although low in cost, the CST features a high degree of built-in precision and accuracy to assure excellent repeatability and reproducibility.

All of the Larson manual testers have deflection compensation for load cell and frame deflection. Because the testers have compensation with integrated force and length measurements, the length reads accurately at any force. This eliminates the need to use lookup tables to correct for the displayed length error. The Larson length reading is accurate as displayed.

The Coil Spring Tester is made with a rugged two-post steel frame and instrumented with a Larson precision load cell for force, a glass scale for length and our proprietary precision electronics for analysis and display of exact measurements.

Part Testing Capacity
  • Standard 17" range
  • Standard 4" stroke
  • Standard 6" Ø platform
  • Standard 0.05" length resolution
  • 750 & 1,500 lb load capacities
  • DHT software package
  • Compression testing of force and length
  • Rigid double column design
  • Tracking or peak modes (2,000 samples / sec)
  • Load cell and frame deflection compensation
  • Mechanical and software overload protection
  • Built-in shunt calibration verification
  • Digital calibration and linearization
  • Backlit digital LCD display of force and length
  • Wipe-clean embossed key faceplate
  • Push-button force and length zeroing
  • NIST traceable calibration
Force Specifications
Load Cell
Standard Resolution High Resolution*
750 lb 1 lb 0.5 lb
340 kg 0.5 kg 0.2 kg
3,336 N 5 N 2 N
1,500 lb 2 lb 1 lb
680 kg 1 kg 0.5 kg
6,672 N 10 N 5 N
Accuracy = ± Full Scale Resolution x 2
*Requires High Resolution Force option 050-1000-0014-00
Length Specifications
Standard Resolution
0.005 in (± 0.01 in)
0.1 mm (± 0.2 mm)
Ordering Information
Part Number Description Price
050-0000-0118-00 Coil Spring Tester 750 lb Quote
050-0000-0119-00 Coil Spring Tester 1,500 lb Quote
Accuracy Options
050-1000-0014-00 High Resolution Force (2X Rs. from 0-100% FS)(CST) Quote
Factory Options
050-1000-0064-00 RS232 / USB output, DHT family Quote
025-0000-0294-00 NiCad Rechargeable Battery Quote
Software Options
050-0000-0075-00 SSS - Statistical & Spreadsheet Interface Software Quote
050-1000-0060-01 Spring Data Collector Software (for use with DHT family testers) Quote
RS 232 Options
025-0000-0464-02 Inkjet Printer (Includes Parallel to 9pin RS 232 Adapter Cable) Quote
025-0000-0458-01 RS 232 to Parallel Printer Cable / Adapter (DB9) Quote
Power Supplies
025-1000-0396-00 Power Supply, 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz (USA Plug) Quote
025-1000-0396-04 Power Supply, 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz (International Plugs) Quote

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