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Solid Height Checker GEN 2
Solid Height Checker

This new generation of solid height checker accurately checks the solid length (height) of a spring. With an all new tester base that is as robust and durable as our SDHT but has no load cell to overload.

Our updated digital LED screen display reads in inches or mm.

Limit Lights & Full Statistical Analysis
Part sorting using bright LED limit lights for good / bad parts and a statistical summary printout that includes a histogram and data run chart.

Indicators show if results are within defined limits testing efficiency. Green lights indicate a result in range while red indicate below or above limits.

Statistical and Graphical Results on Demand
Capture and hold solid height. Actual results and statistics are displayed immediately. Graphics such as X-Bar, Range and Histogram are available with as few as two mouse clicks.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
The SSS can transfer information directly to spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. If you don't want to give up your current SPC package or prefer working in spreadsheets, DDE allows you to quickly transfer the information.

Offline, Data Storage, Report Printing

The Solid Height Checker is a good choice for grinding room testing. It is very reliable and easy to use.


When a spring is in it's normal, unloaded state, the standing height of the spring is called the Free Length. The solid height of a compression spring is the point at which all its coils touch each other, and no more force can be exerted by the spring. The spring is now virtually "solid".

Print Samples
  Solid Height Checker front-view
FeatureSolid Height CheckerSolid Height Checker +Plus
6" stroke X
12" stroke X
Solid Height Software OPTION OPTION
2⅜" standard platform X
4" Ø platform OPTION X
Thru-hole OPTION X
Standard 0.0005" length resolution X X
Length measurement only X X
Standard 0.0005" length resolution Digital length scale readout X X
± 0.001" accuracy X X
Inch / mm units X X
Ordering Information
Part Number Description Price
025-0000-1258-00 Solid Height Checker Quote
025-0000-1258-01 Solid Height Checker +Plus Quote
025-0000-0191-00 Platforms - 4" Ø Quote
050-0000-0075-00 SSS - Statistical & Spreadsheet Interface Software Quote
Length Specifications
Standard Resolution
0.0005 in (± 0.002 in)
0.01 mm (± 0.04 mm)

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