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Sample Parts

We’re a complete machine shop, offering everything from multi-sided horizontal or vertical milling, to electronic and mechanical assembly. Whether you’re seeking a prototype or a full-blown production run, we’re here to help.

Here are some high precision products we’ve produced:

This part was created using a combination of turning and milling. Created out of 6061 T6 aluminum, this part features flawless interrupted cuts. This part has a black anodized coating and is 4.5" in diameter.

This casting was mounted on an indexer to perform multiple-side machining with a single set up. This method reduced production time and tolerance variation.

This casting features an irregular shape, multiple-side machining processes, as well as silk screening and painting.

This casting displays intricate multiple-side machining done by one of our indexers. This method reduced setup time and ensured the best possible precision. Our machines probe the interior of this casting for core shift and automatically adjust the machine to compensate.

This prototype for a production piece was machined out of a single solid block of 6061 aluminum. We can create prototype parts quickly without the expense or time needed for a casting.

These parts are turned and milled from Delrin plastic. Multiple-side machining on our indexers completed the job with a small amount of setup time.

This part was crafted out of 17-4 stainless steel using a turning, milling and tapping process. Smooth lines, and pinpoint precision made this part possible.

This part is created with a combination of turning and milling. What makes this part special is the webbing, which is as small as .001" – .0011" in diameter. Extreme precision is required to produce this intricate part. An indexer reduced the process to only two operations.

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