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FGS-250PV Motorized Force Gage Test Stand
FGS-250PV Motorized Force Gage Test Stand

500 lb motorized test stands with multiple user-friendly features! All options are fully programmable from force, travel, distance, speed, cycling and dwell times. The stand can actually move a set distance from the point at which a force is detected! Because of an extended travel range, the stand can accomodate very large samples and long travel requirements. The all steel construction makes the stand very reliable under even harsh testing conditions. These stands are precise enough for the laboratory and rugged enough for the shop floor, making them perfect for all applications.

Features Benefits
User programmable set points: speed, distance, stop time Permit custom, automated testing
Zero load and displacement programmable Allows user to set distance from when force is first detected
High and low force settings Permit non-destructive testing
Programmable cycling Run a predetermined number of cycles and/or cycle between force setpoints
31 inches of travel Enables testing of large samples or applications requiring extremely long travel ranges
Compatibility with nearly all manufacturer's gages Enables flexibility in testing applications
Gage overload protection Prevents downtime waiting for repair
RS232 and analog distance outputs Allow graphing and analysis of data
High, standard, and low speed models available For rapid and precise testing applications
Manually adjustable upper and lower distance limits Restricts movement for precise testing
All steel construction Solid design contributes to precision movement
English and metric units of measure Adaptability to all testing requirements
One year warranty Peace of mind
Model FGS-250PVL
(low speed)
(standard speed)
(high speed)
Capacity 500lb (250kg, 2,500N)
Travel Speed 0.49 - 4.92"/min (12.5 - 125 mm/min) 1.97 - 19.70"/min (50 - 500 mm/min) 5.12 - 49.23”/min (130 - 1250 mm/min)
Stroke 31.10" (790 mm)
Display Four digit LED, 0.41" high (10.5 mm), test stand can change english to metric
Operating Mode MANU, JOG, SING, CONT, PROG
Communication Sensor : FGV, FGV-H, DFS, DRI (Remote Load Cell) To PC : RS-232C (Baud rate: 9600bps, data length: 8bit, stop bit: 1bit, parity: none)
Limit Switch Repeatability ±0.0006" (0.015 mm) at max. speed ±0.0016" (0.04 mm) at max. speed ±0.0036" (0.092 mm) at max. speed
Zeroing Feature Repeatability Max. 0.015" (0.383 mm) at max. speed Max. 0.065" (1.649 mm) at max. speed Max. 0.172" (4.355 mm) at max. speed
Deflection 0.033" (0.85mm) at max. capacity
Power 120VAC, 60Hz
Weight 115.7 lb (52.5 kg) 115.7 lb (52.5 kg) 126.8 lb (57.5 kg)
Dimensions 14.57" (370 mm) x 50.41" (1280 mm) x 20.48" (520 mm)
Ordering Information
Part Number Description Price
Test Stand
201-0000-0147-00 FGS-250PVL Motorized Force Gage Test Stand Quote
201-0000-0148-00 FGS-250PVM Motorized Force Gage Test Stand Quote
201-0000-0146-00 FGS-250PVH Motorized Force Gage Test Stand Quote
025-0000-0250-04 Pin Extension Hook Set - 2 / 66 / 110 lb max (Fixed Mount) Quote
025-0000-0523-00 Pin (Swivel Mount) and Wire Extension Hook Set -
2 / 10 / 66 / 110 / 1,000 lb
025-0000-0340-03 Wire Extension Hook Set - 10 / 66 / 110 lb max Quote
025-0000-0183-01 Machined Extension Hook Set - 110 / 750 lb max Quote
025-0000-0428-00 Wedge Grips 0-0.350" (1 Jaw / 1 Grip Set) Quote
025-0000-0428-01 Wedge Grips 0.250-0.600" (1 Jaw / 1 Grip Set) Quote
025-0000-0428-02 Wedge Grips 0-0.600" (1 Jaw / 2 Grip Sets) Quote
018-0000-1964-00 Wedge Grips 0-0.350" (1 Grip Set) Quote
018-0000-1971-00 Wedge Grips 0.250-0.600" (1 Grip Set) Quote
025-0000-0271-00 Wire Crimp Pull Fixture - Upper Quote
025-0000-0274-00 Wire Crimp Grip Fixture - Lower 110 lb Quote
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025-0000-0193-01 Serrated Jaw Wire Chucks - 200 lb Quote

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