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Shimpo E-Force FGS-200PV Motorized Force Gauge Test Stand
E-Force FGS-200PV Motorized Force Gage Test Stand

The E-Force test stand features bi-directional USB which speeds data communications with almost any PC or laptop computer. The E-Force firmware displays prompts and menus that guide the user through all programs, setups and final tests. Windows® like software permits users to perform standard tests, plus Pull or Push to break, Pull or Push to specified load and cycling. E-Force software provides force vs displacement or time to be displayed and the results collected in tabular and graphical format. This information can then be exported to Microsoft® Office products like Excel®.

The E-Force features precision servo gear head and ball screw drive for confident and complete control of the test stand.

All programming of return speed, test speed, distance / deflection set points, cycles, force set points are performed using a PC / Laptop or through the front panel control keypad. (Push and Pull to Break and Yield Tests controlled through a PC or Laptop only.)

The large and easy to read backlit digital display indicates all programmed set points, and indicates test, status of the program setup, force loads and overload alarm warnings. The E-Force provides selectable units of measure in force units. (Lbs., Oz, Kg, N and distance Inches or mm)

The E-Force can be equipped with a variety of accessories including grips and compression fixtures.

The large sample area and 3.38” inch (86mm) throat depth provides for unique and large parts to be tested. Metric English threaded – adjustable base plate provided. A precise and consistent 0.06 to 400 mm/min (0.02 to 15.7 in/min) cross head speed provides for ultra slow creep tests and constant load testing.

List Price: $6,500.00

Our Price: $5,551.00

You Save: $949.00

Features Benefits
PC Control with Software Hands off operation, reduces errors, speeds tests
Auto reverse for test modes High Speed return to “home” saves time in multi parts testing
Single model with wide speed range Meets many testing needs
Easy force gage (load range) changing Provides for multiple test ranges (0.5 to 200 lbs. (200 gram, 2 N - 100Kg, 1000N)
Intuitive and easy to use front panel controls Reduces operator training time
Capacity 100 kgf (200 lbs.)
Reduction Ratio 1:20
Precision Ball Screw Pitch 4mm / 1 Rotation
Stroke 400 mm (15.7 inch)
Travel Speed 0.6 mm/min (0.02 inch/min) - 400 mm/min (15.7 inch/min)
Drive System Servo Motor (Trapezoidal thread (pitch 4mm / 1 rotation)
Speed Setting Selectable Speed Knobs (Speed A and Speed B)
Display 5 digit LED
Cycle (max) 1 - 9,999 times
Analog Signal Output 5 mV/ mm max +/- 2 V (400 mm)
Emergency Switch Push/Twist and release emergency stop button
Communication Feature USB 1.1 communication from Test stand to PC
Force Gage Compatilbiity FGV-X, FGV-200HX and FGV-XY models
Communication Software Windows based program, virtual front panel compatible with Windows XP/2000
Alarm Overload protection for test stand motor (stops motor when overload condition occurs).
Work Space 200 mm (7.87 inch) X 280 mm (11.02 inch)
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 degrees Celsius (Non-condensing)
Power Supply 120 V AC/ 60 hz
Weight 23 Kg (50 lbs)
Operating Modes
MANU MANUAL - Operates to selectable force limits
JOG JOG - Operates while direction key is pressed
SING SINGLE - Operates one cycle between upper and lower force limits
CONT CONTINUOUS - Cycles test between upper and lower force limits.
PROG PROGRAM - Specific Program Tests (each can store 5 programs on each type)
  TOP: Top Load test with threshold option
  STD: Standard test with preload option
  BREAK: Break point test with force drop detection

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