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Your Tester Can Still Be Serviced or Upgraded!

This tester has solid machined aluminum construction with a heavy steel support riser as a backbone to build on, making it the most rigid machine built by LSI. This C-frame style has high rigidity and low deflection characteristics that are commonly found in bridge style frames. Linear guide ways make for smooth and precise motion and a stepper motor and ball screw drive offers reliable and responsive testing. Unseen features like load cell and frame deflection compensation, length linearization, and auto-load ranging make accurate and consistent testing easy by any operator without lookup tables or special zeroing techniques.

These testers have software and mechanical overloads that protect from load cell stress damage - use our testers with confidence. Switching load cells is fast - it takes just minutes to change each load cell. Each interchangeable load cell has a signature that is read by the tester on power up and requires no special steps by the user. Change it and forget it!

Click here for replacement motor, motor drive and power supplies.


Available Parts for RoboSTAR (UT Control)
Part Number Description Price
Tester Software
050-1000-0004-01 Software Performance Package - Bronze Quote
050-1000-0004-02 Software Performance Package - Silver Quote
050-1000-0004-03 Software Performance Package - Gold 1 Quote
050-1000-0004-04 Software Performance Package - Gold 2 Quote
050-1000-0004-05 Software Performance Package - Platinum Quote
Load Cells
025-0000-0414-01 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 2 lb (2" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0414-02 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 11 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0414-03 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 22 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0414-04 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 66 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0414-05 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 110 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0414-06 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 200 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0415-01 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 550 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0415-02 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 1,000 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
025-0000-0415-03 STAR Series Interchangeable Load Cell - 2,000 lb (3.5" Ø Platform) Quote
Accuracy Options
025-0000-0417-00 Super Precision Assembly - (For 9" Stroke) Quote
025-0000-0418-00 Super Precision Assembly - (For 24" Stroke) Quote
Factory Options
025-0000-0419-01 High Capacity Force, 1,000 lb, STAR / RoboSTAR Quote
025-0000-0419-00 High Capacity Force, 2,000 lb, STAR / RoboSTAR Quote
025-0000-0299-01 Sorter / Automation Interface Port (STAR / RoboSTAR testers) Quote
025-0000-0494-00 Power Option, 240 VAC, 50 Hz Quote
060-1000-0044-01 User Manual - STAR Series Quote
060-6000-0064-00 Universal Tester, Interface with RS 232 or PLC, User Manual Quote
059-1000-0023-00 Dust Cover RoboSTAR Quote
025-0000-0439-01 8" Ø Platforms (5/16-18 thread) Quote
RS 232 Options
025-0000-0464-00 Inkjet Printer (Includes Cable / Adapter 025-0000-0458-00) Quote
025-0000-0458-00 RS 232 to Parallel Printer Cable / Adapter Quote
050-0000-0053-00 UTM - Universal Testing Manager Vs. (9 pin) Quote

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